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Spokane artists pen and ink photographic images
Spokane artists
Spokane artists
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Spokane artists
Dennis Karl Joern pen and ink
fine art prints Joern
David W. Joern photographic images
Spokane artists
fine art prints Joern
Spokane artists Joern
Dennis Karl Joern
David W. Joern
fine art

spokane artists
Brothers Joern
on the WWW
spokane, washington
*  pen and ink drawings
- created by Dennis Karl Joern
- paper size measuring approx.
37cm x 56.5cm (14.5" x 22")
photographic images
- captured by David W. Joern
- originals are non-digital,
silver based 35mm films

Dennis Karl Joern
"KSPS Northwest Profiles" video interview with Dennis

Spokane artists
fine art prints

Fine art prints for sale
Dennis Karl Joern fine art prints

Fine art prints of laboriously rendered pen and ink drawings and traditional black and white silver based photographic images by Spokane WA USA brothers, Dennis Karl Joern and David W. Joern. Art resource and gallery.

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spokane artists spokane artists